Prostate and lymph node proton magnetic resonance (MR) spectroscopic imaging with external array coils at 3 T to detect recurrent prostate cancer after radiation therapy

S.W.T.P.J. Heijmink, T.W.J. Scheenen, J.J. Fütterer, D.W.J. Klomp, R.A.M. Heesakkers, C.A.H. van de Kaa, E.N.J.T. van Lin, A. Heerschap and J.O. Barentsz

Investigative Radiology 2007;42:420-427



In a patient suspected of having recurrent prostate cancer after radiation therapy, we demonstrate the feasibility of noninvasive proton magnetic resonance spectroscopic (1H-MRS) imaging of the prostate and a lymph node at 3 T using a matrix of external surface coils. Written informed consent was obtained from the patient. With 1H-MRS imaging, high choline with low citrate signal was observed in the prostate, and in the lymph node a signal of choline-containing compounds was identified. The tissue level of the compounds in the enlarged lymph node was estimated to be 8.1 mmol/kg water. Subsequent histopathological analysis of systematic transrectal ultrasound-guided prostate biopsy and computed tomography-guided biopsy of the lymph node confirmed the presence of prostate cancer in both.

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