Martin van Amerongen

Office: Route 767, Room 16
Telephone: +31 24 3653731
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His research focus is on characterizing the microenvironment in cancer and infectious diseases using ex vivo cell labelling approaches and multimodal imaging techniques. In May 2015, he co-developed the winning business plan during the Dutch Venture Challenge on spin-off possibilities of the patented multimodal PLGA-nanoparticle that will be used in this project to label lymphocytes in both mice and patients. Following up on this project, he was granted the JO RIMLS grant ‘Multimodal imaging of distinct immune cell populations with optimized nanoparticles’ in October 2016 and the Radboud Oncology Fund/KWF grant KUN2015-8106 ‘Tailored treatment in pancreatic cancer; predicting the heterogeneous behaviour of pancreatic cancer using non-invasive PET/CT imaging’ in February 2016.