August, 2019 - Collaboration with NDR medical technology


From left to right: 1) Kristian Overduin, Hu Xiaoxiang, Alan Goh, Jana Hopstaken 2) The robotic system 3) Hu Xiaoxiang, Jurgen Fütterer, Alan Goh

Last week, the MAGIC group met with Alan Goh and Hu Xiaoxiang from NDR Medical Technology. This Singapore-based startup has developed a robotic system with artificial intelligence and image processing for automated needle targeting (ANT). The device intends to aid surgeons and interventional radiologists by providing a precise needle trajectory with integration of medical images, allowing for increased accuracy of needle placement in an intended target and a shorter procedure time. This technology can be of use in a wide range of interventions, for example in targeted liver biopsy, ablation of liver tumors but also in percutaneous nephrolithotomy or placement of nephrostomy catheter. We successfully performed a preliminary experiment in the CT environment using a phantom of an abdomen with several targets. Based on this first experience, further improvements can be made in the appliance of ANT with CT-guidance. We hope to collaborate again with NDR medical technology in the near future.