Clinical Decision Support System


The quality of prostate cancer care is variable and often suboptimal across health care systems. Several challenges exist:


The administrative workload and fragmented nature of the cancer care, involving multiple specialties, providers and locations may impede coordinated care and the development of comprehensive treatment plans. In addition, the number of diagnostic and therapeutic modalities continue to rise at an accelerated pace, with a trend towards personalized treatments specifically tailored to individual patient. Subsequently, prostate cancer (PCa) related literature is growing fast: challenging health care professionals to read, retain, and appropriately implement the latest research into their care. In response of the growing complexity in PCa treatment, Siemens is developing a Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) in collaboration with Radboudumc.


The first version of the CDSS will provide a structured overview of patient data, including a timeline with PSA level and interventions. Clinical decision suggestions are provided, based on guidelines (NCCN, EAU) and transparent pathway AI. In addition, real-time cohort data analysis is available. Several other features are being developed for future versions.



Several studies will be conducted prior, during and after implementation of the Clinical Decision Support System in the Radboudumc. These studies focus on the validation of the system and will evaluate the effect of the CDSS on process and clinical outcomes.


This project is executed in close collaboration with Siemens Healthineers, Germany.